Tony Fuhs from The Brewed Book: A place for those who like coffee and reading

Person: Tony Fuhs, owner

Place: The Brewed Book (1524 N Harrison Street, Davenport) is a bookstore and coffee shop.

As of writing, the store is open Monday - Thursday 7 am - 5 pm, Friday and Saturday from 7 am - 7 pm, and Sunday from 12 - 5 pm.

 Tony in his story full of stories.

Tony in his story full of stories.

Over the last 2 years, a long-closed tavern on Harrison Street in the Hilltop Campus Village has been transformed into an inviting bookstore and coffee shop called The Brewed Book. This building was not just in danger of being torn down, but it was already leaning ominously before Tony Fuhs purchased it and began a massive renovation project that saved the 1800s building from demolition. Much of the furniture and decor was purchased from other small businesses nearby, including Flipped Out Furniture and Riverbend Retro.

While the interior and exterior have been transformed, the process of simply buying a coffee or book has also been streamlined. They pride themselves on making every transaction smooth and seamless, without the usual psychology-driven $3.99-style pricing.

Almost every book is either $3 or $5, and all book and drink prices end in even dollar or quarter amounts with tax already included. Tipping is also not required or encouraged. Tony explains that “because we’re more than a typical coffee shop, the employees are paid more than a typical barista.”

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The location between Palmer and St. Ambrose makes The Brewed Book the perfect spot to grab a coffee and get some studying done, and it has become a go-to spot in the Hilltop for small meetings and get-togethers.

Asked about the original idea for the store, Tony said, “People come in and ask where I got my books. The seed books and the idea for opening came from the fact that I and my family have always been readers of books, which leads to a collection of books that you will realistically never read again.”

In researching bookstores, he discovered that many book shops came out of personal book collections that grew to the point where opening shops became almost the logical next step. In the case of The Brewed Book, this passion for books, along with the desire to create a cozy place to sit and read with a tasty beverage, has led to a great place to spend some time.

Thanks, Tony! Check out The Brewed Book on Facebook.

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