Jason Stewart from Zeke’s Island Cafe: Tropical tastiness in the Quad Cities

Person: Jason Stewart, owner

Place: Zeke’s Island Cafe (1509 N Harrison Street, Davenport, IA). It’s a restaurant featuring tropical cuisine and drinks.

As of writing, Zeke’s is open Monday through Saturday from 11AM-9PM, Sunday from 11AM-8PM, and the 2nd Sunday of each month from 10AM-1PM for a brunch buffet

Jason inside Zeke’s.

Jason inside Zeke’s.

Rarely does the demolition of a former fast food building have such benefits to an urban corridor located miles away. However, when Zeke’s Island Cafe found out they were being forced out of their Kimberly Road location, it set off a scramble around the Hilltop Campus Village to welcome the tropical restaurant to the neighborhood. Three years later, Zeke’s is not only going strong, but expanding its location and offerings.

Zeke’s has been a hidden treasure in the middle of Davenport, but as more people try out their island and tropical-oriented cuisine, it is becoming less hidden. The increasing popularity was making it difficult to get a table during busy times, so owner Jason Stewart worked with the property owner to expand into an adjacent space and greatly increase the amount of restaurant seating.

This additional dining room required upgrading to a new ordering system, but opens up many new options for the restaurant. For the first time, private parties and large group dining can be accommodated without closing the entire restaurant to the public. Zeke’s also offers off-site catering and a food trailer as well.

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In addition to the upgrades to the space and technology, Zeke’s has also added the Ohana Buffet Brunch on the second Sunday of each month. This provides an excellent chance for patrons to try out new menu items, or take advantage of breakfast offerings that aren’t available any other time. This once-a-month event has already proven quite popular, and works well in the new dining room area.

In case anyone was afraid that all these changes might lead to the removal of perennial favorites like Big Island Nachos or the Hawaiian Pulled Pork Sliders (on Hawaiian rolls), Jason reassures that the “Zeke’s traditional menu will always be available.” Between new menu options along with the old favorites, it is easy for Zeke’s Island Cafe to become a regular dining destination.

Thanks, Jason! Check out Zeke’s on Facebook.

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