Sarah Wendland from Bends & Brews: Start your Sunday with brewery yoga

Sarah Wendland from Bends & Brews: Start your Sunday with brewery yoga

Person: Sarah Wendland, owner and instructor

Place: Front Street Brewery Taproom (421 W River Drive, Davenport)

Thing: Bends & Brews, a drop-in yoga class that takes place every Sunday at noon in the taproom's event space ($10/person)

Brendan sat down with Sarah after an invigorating Sunday morning yoga sesh with a refreshing beer to talk about her passion for bringing yoga to more people.

[BI] How long have you been doing yoga and how did you get into it?

[SW] I've been practicing for about 8 years and I got my yoga teacher certification in June of last year. I got started with yoga because I was really into working out, and during that process, decided to try a hot yoga class to do something new and different and I immediately loved it.

In addition to Bends & Brews, I also teach a variety of different types of yoga at a studio called Shine in Moline.

[BI] What I like most about this class is that it's really accessible for a beginner. This was only my third time doing yoga and yet I felt super comfortable. Maybe the beer helps with that.

[SW] That's exactly right and one of the reasons why I love this class. Everyone's at a different place in their journey and everyone has their "stuff" that they're bringing with them, and I don't want any of that to get in the way of having a great class together. 

[BI] How did you get started doing yoga at the Front Street Taproom?

[SW] This class was already being run as Tippi Yogis by a woman named Michelle who was my first yoga instructor. She ended up moving to Omaha but asked me to take over for her, and I gladly accepted. 

I'm hoping to add more classes here, including a Thursday night one at 5:30 - think of it as a little happy hour after work to get your weekend started early. 

[BI] If you were to have a visitor to the Quad Cities in one of your classes, what would you recommend that he or she check out here?

[SW] The breweries in the area are awesome, from Radicle Effect to Wake to Front Street and many more. This space here at the Front Street Taproom is especially great on a nice day - you can ride your bike along the river then stop for a beer and enjoy the patio and river views.

I also really love the music scene that we have here. It's really exciting to see all the energy of new venues, musicians, and everything else in the Quad Cities. 

[BI] Thanks, Sarah! Check out Bends & Brews on Facebook.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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