Alex from Cru: Let's talk wine, craft beer, & cocktails

Person: Alex Nagel, Bar Manager

Place: Cru (221 Brady St, Davenport, IA)

Thing: Wine and cocktail bar and bottle shoppe. As of writing, their hours are Monday-Thursday 4:00 PM - 11:00 PM and Friday & Saturday 4:00 PM - 1:00 AM (closed Sunday)

Pictured above is Alex Nagel, bar manager at Cru

Cru opened up in March of 2015 and offers a unique, rotating selection of wine, craft beer, and classic cocktails. Cru also has an in-house bottle shoppe to enjoy either there or at home.

Alex has been a part of the bar scene since he was a freshman in college. Bartending seemed to be his go-to side job throughout his schooling and even after graduation. This year will mark 12 years that Alex has been working at various bars and he's been with Cru almost since its opening around 3 years ago.

Interesting fact about Alex: he actually went to college to be a social worker. "In a lot of ways, I am still honestly a social worker of sorts," Alex joked. "There is a lot of counseling that goes on behind this bar. Instead of a couch, I have a foot-and-a-half-wide stainless steel slab." 

The passion behind every employee at Cru is awe-inspiring. "I am so proud of the quality of product that we put out," Alex said. "We strive to find that one simple thing that will make the drink or experience here at Cru better." Because of this passion for quality, they rarely repeat the wines and beers that they serve and are constantly tweaking their list of craft cocktails. 

Something else special about Cru is that they rarely carry local brews. The reason for this is because they want you to go to that local brewery itself and check it out. They encourage local business growth and want to bring in out-of town brews to be experienced by everyone in the downtown Davenport area. 

Huge shout out to Alex for sitting down and chatting with us! Make sure you keep an eye out on Cru for their craft cocktails classes. Check them out on Facebook.

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