Angel Forgie from Taste Buds: Candy, coffee, tea, and more

Person: Angel Forgie, owner

Place: Taste Buds (150 16 1/2 Street, Rock Island, IL). As of writing, it's open Monday-Friday from 6am-6pm and Saturday from 11am-5pm (closed Sunday).

Thing: Candy, brewed coffee, smoothies, loose teas, whole bean coffee, and more!

Brendan nommed on some tasty chocolate-covered raisins and sat down with Angel, who owns a candy, coffee, and tea store in downtown Rock Island.

[BI] How did you get started with your businesses?

[AF] I bought the business in January 2018. The previous owner had taken another job out of state and one of my friends posted on Facebook that it was sad to see a small business closing. I had no retail experience and had been retired for a few years, but I was ready to go back into doing something. I thought, "that would be interesting."

I got in touch with the owner, came down and looked at it the same day, and bought it the next day. It was truly a fluke.

[BI] What's your favorite thing about running your store?

[AF] I love talking with people. I have candy, coffee, tea, and smoothies - if you're unhappy when you walk in, I'm going to make sure you leave here happy. 

[BI] Do you sell anything that's really unique in the Quad Cities?

[AF] I have a huge selection of gourmet coffees and teas. Hibiscus flower, black dragon pearl, a variety of whole bean decaf coffees, and more - stuff you can't get at a grocery store.

[BI] If someone walked in your shop and asked for tips on what to do in the Quad Cities, what would you recommend?

[AF] In downtown Rock Island, I tell folks to check out SpellboundSplash, and Celebrate. Spellbound has all sorts of cool rocks, stones, and crystals. Splash sells lots of different types of bath bombs, soaps, and other stuff that smells great. Celebrate sells dresses for weddings and also rents tuxes.

The John Deere Pavilion is a fun, free place for all ages and is classic Quad Cities. We also have lots of great museums here: the Figge Art Museum, the Putnam, and the Family Museum, to name a few.

[BI] Thanks, Angel! Check out Taste Buds on Facebook and their website.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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