Charles from Dead Poet's Espresso: To Bean... Or Not to Bean

Person: Charles Lahl, Owner

Place: Dead Poet's Espresso Ltd (1525 3rd Ave #A, Moline, IL)

Thing: Coffee Shop. As of writing, their hours are Monday through Saturday 6:30 AM - 5:00 PM (closed Sunday)

 Pictured above is Charles, one of the owners of Dead Poet's Espresso.

Pictured above is Charles, one of the owners of Dead Poet's Espresso.

Dead Poet's Espresso has been around for sixteen years. Charles and his father, Tom have owned this unique coffee shop for six years.

Charles and Tom are hard workers to their core. Growing up on a farm in Iowa, they weren't shy to doing the work to get the job done. After Charles got out of college and Tom was done with crops looking for another business, that was when they found Dead Poet's Espresso. Tom liked coffee, so they knew coffee shops were the way to go. 

Starting out, the best piece of advice they received was "that we should have fifty percent of the money we thought we were going to need to back us up already. That is what kept us alive after the transition" Charles said.   

One of the biggest changes that occured coming out was a logo change. The old one was very complex and not easily duplicated. Along with the logo change, the owners revamped the lunch menu as well.

Wondering what one of the owner's favorite menu items is? Well I had the same thought. Charles said that the most popular item is the chicken salad and that the apple cinnamon scones are absolutely delicious as well. Right now though, the chicken bacon wrap is his go to menu item. 

Dead Poet's Espresso offers breakfast all day, lunch, and amazing coffee (and non-coffee) beverages. They have a variety of weekday deals and monthly specials. Along with their specials, Dead Poet's Espresso offers a loyalty program. Every 10 drinks purchased gets you the next one for free.

I don't know about you, but I am all over this month's drink of the month, the Gemini's Birthday Latte (salted caramel and hazelnut.) My taste buds were tingling after trying this amazing latte! 

Huge shout out to Charles for sitting down and chatting with me! Make sure you keep an eye out on Dead Poet's Espresso for their monthly featured drinks and weekly specials! Check them out on Facebook.

As usual, it was nice seeing you here on the blog. Until next time QCers! 

-Holly, Intern

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