Top 5 French Fries in the Quad Cities

Top 5 French Fries in the Quad Cities

Other than tacos, there is arguably no other food as universally loved as french fries. Because they are so loved, they are the assumed side dish with almost every meal you order. Having the side-dish market flooded with fries creates an interesting problem: the floor for french fries is so high, restaurants rarely try to reach the ceiling. It takes a lot of work to make a bad french fry, so that means average fries are ubiquitous. At many restaurants, it is almost as if french fries are an afterthought.

That being said, there are some QC restaurants that you can tell have put thought and care - and love - into their French fries. Since french fries are technically a side dish, I will also recommend a main dish for each restaurant.

Before we get into the top five, two quick notes. One, this list is just for standard fries. No curly fries. No sweet potato fries. No fancy truffle fries. Just straight up french fries. Two, if you serve your french fries in one of those little silver rings and stand them up on the plate you are immediately disqualified. Okay, here we go.

Dr Gyros.png

1. Dr. Gyros

2519 18th Ave, Rock Island, Illinois

That’s right, Dr. Gyros! This place is small and unassuming. I’m not sure what I love most, the fact that they give you way too many fries, or the fact that no matter how many fries they give you, it’s never enough.

Main dish recommendation: Dr. Gyros also has the best Italian beef in the QC. Get it with hot peppers and mozzarella cheese.


2. Roosters

2130 3rd Ave, Rock Island, Illinois

Rooster’s natural-cut fries are a national treasure. Okay, maybe just a QC treasure, but still. The fries are the perfect balance of crispness and mushy potato goodness.

Main dish recommendation: Ask anyone who knows me, I’m on record saying Rooster’s Bash Burger is the best burger in the QC.



1815 2nd Ave, Rock Island, Illinois

How good are RIBCO’s fries? I once made a video highlighting Mexican food in the QC and I felt it necessary to stop at RIBCO in the video to talk about their fries. With an always amazing selection of craft beer, you can’t go wrong at RIBCO.

Main dish recommendation: Get the fish and chips!


4. Pee Wee’s

2035 Martin Luther King Dr, Rock Island, Illinois

Pee Wee’s natural cut fries are fantastic. I also just realized the top 4 place are all in Rock Island. Pee Wee’s is amazing because a good 50% of the menu is stuff you can only find at Pee Wee’s.

Main dish recommendation: I know this is cheating because it is another side dish, but Pee Wee’s has the best greens in the QC! Get their catfish with fries and greens, and you’ll be in food heaven.


5. Ruby’s

429 E 3rd St, Davenport, Iowa

If you haven’t been there in the last few months, you won’t know that Ruby’s recently changed their fries—and they changed for the better! Their previous fries were great, but the new ones are even tastier. They are *so* crisp, and like Dr. Gyros’, they are lightly battered.

Main dish recommendation: Ruby’s Korean BBQ wings are the best wings in the QC, hands down.


Honorable Mention: Los Primos

I know it might be odd to put a Mexican restaurant on the best french fry list, but I am a sucker for a good crinkle cut and they can be hard to find. Los Primos’ crinkle cut french fries are fantastic. You can get “Cali Fries” at Los Primos which have steak, chorizo, cheese sauce and the Los Primos famous avocado sauce.

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