Thanks for coming! If you're interested in learning more about North Korea, check out the links below.

Liberty in North Korea - nonprofit that helps North Koreans escape the country and resettle elsewhere. I encourage you to support their work in any way you are able.

Nothing to Envy (book by Barbara Demick) - look into the lives of 6 people who defected from North Korea.

40 maps that explain North Korea (Vox) - visual rundown of how North Korea has become what it is today and the role the country plays in the world.

It's Not a Hermit Kingdom, and 4 Other Myths About North Korea (The Atlantic) - debunking some common misconceptions about the the country (a bit old, but has some good information).

‘No Good Options’ on North Korea Is a Myth (Foreign Policy) - rundown of possible paths forward for Japan, South Korea, and the United States in regard to North Korea.

Why Relying on China to Stop North Korea May Not Work (The New York Times) - primer on the delicate dance between North Korea and China.

North Korea's Capitalists (NPR's Planet Money podcast) - how North Korea's rising capitalists have helped fund the country's nuclear program.

Korean reunification (Wikipedia) - history and status of the potential future reunification of Korea.

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