Hey - Brendan here. I'm in the process of hiring 1-2 paid college interns for the summer and I'm looking for other members of Coworkqc to potentially also hire these student(s) to provide a better learning experience and more income for each person and valuable help for our businesses! If you're interested, please fill out this form no later than Sunday, March 25. I'll be around Coworkqc during the day this week except for Wednesday and would love to chat!

How I'm imagining this will work:

  • I am interviewing 8 students at local universities this week (Mar. 19-23). During these interviews, I will ask if the candidates are interested in potentially taking on additional employment at other Coworkqc member companies
  • By March 26, I will extend offers of internship employment at altSTATES to 1-2 people
  • After they (hopefully) accept altSTATES's offer and are interested in taking on an additional position at another Coworkqc member company, I will pass along resumes and other application materials to those Coworkqc members who expressed interest so you can interview the candidate and decide whether to offer employment. You will have no obligation to actually interview or hire and you'll remain anonymous until you reach out to the candidate yourself

Additional notes:

  • I am planning to have at least one person start ASAP and work through August, but if you don't need someone right away, that should be fine
  • The altSTATES internship will generally require around 20-30 hours per week from each intern. My understanding of labor laws is that because the intern would be working for two different companies, he/she could work more than 40 hours/week between two companies if he/she desires

Some ground rules to ensure fairness for everyone:

  • The intern will make all decisions regarding accepting each company's offer and terms of employment
  • Companies offering paid work will get first pick. However, those offering unpaid internships are still welcome to express interest by filling out the form. altSTATES will be paying $10/hour
  • You will maintain responsibility for all functions of employing the intern at your business (e.g. payroll, taxes, labor laws, insurance, etc.)
  • You should be able to provide at least 5 hours of work per week through August or beyond
  • Your company and altSTATES will utilize Google Sheets or some other shared resource for time tracking and will split the monthly Coworkqc membership fee of $175 based upon the division of hours worked for each company that month. For example, if a person works 90 hours for altSTATES and 70 hours for your company during June, altSTATES would pay $98 and your company would pay $77. altSTATES will pay the Coworkqc membership fee upfront and assess the appropriate amount to your business after the completion of each membership month
  • Your company, altSTATES, and the intern will agree on a general work schedule at the beginning of employment (e.g. Tuesdays and Saturdays with altSTATES, Wednesdays with your company) and then set a schedule for actual dates/times every week for the following two weeks out