Thanks for attending my presentation! Here's a recap of some of the resources I mentioned. I may receive compensation for sign-ups that occur through these links.

Cash back and coupons:

  • Amazon Smile: earn cash back for your favorite charity when you buy from Amazon
  • Earny: link your Amazon account and credit cards to automatically receive checks in the mail when the prices of things you've purchased drop
  • Ebates: start your shopping trip through their web portal to earn cash back. You can also use their app in some stores (Best Best is a great example)
  • Evreward: save it as a bookmark and click it to see which cash back or points-earning options are available from a website
  • Honey: browser plugin that alerts you when coupons may be available for a website and then automatically tests all of them out to find you the best option
  • Various gas station cash back programs: some offer up to 5% cash back on gas purchases

Credit cards:

Other tools I love:

  • Crisp: a live chat app that allows you to interact with and collect data from visitors to your website. There are a lot of chat tools out there, but I like Crisp because it's easy to use and is not bogged down with lots of features that are more suited to bigger companies.
  • Animoto: easily create fun videos for your business to use on social media, your website, and more